Imagine That Band
Emma Snearly - Vocals
Emma has been singing pretty much since she started talking. She has been singing in karaoke competitions since she was 10 years old and has won numerous titles most recently including Country Idol in 2010 where she was the first female to win and also Karaoke Supastar 2010. She was also the first person to ever win both Karaoke Supastar and Country Idol in the same year. She also sang the National Anthem at the Decatur Celebration opening ceremonies and was the first person to ever do it acapella. She recorded her first CD when she was 12 and is currently working on writing her own music. She loves being on stage and performing for people. The largest crowd she has performed in front of was over 2,000 and describes it as "the best feeling in the world". She loves the energy of everyone in "Imagine That" and is more then excited to be a part of the band and see where it takes her.
Todd Hooker - Keyboards, Vocals, Production, Management
Todd has been playing professionally since the age of 17. As the founder and leader of "Imagine That Band" he handles the groups bookings as well as maintains and runs the sound system. Todd has played in several Central Illinois groups since 1986 such as "Magic Co.", "The Mild Mannered Band" and "Up For Grabs" to name a few. Since 1992, he has been playing in "Imagine That Band" and has kept the band moving forward by adding new members to make the band as versatile as possible. Todd loves to play all styles of music and vocally cover artists like Van Morrison, Santana and Clapton to name a few. He is grateful to work with such talented musicians and enjoys the time spent out entertaining those who come to see the band perform.
Harvey Horton - Drums and Vocals
Harvey has been playing drums with bands since he was 14 years old. Every style of music from Dixieland Jazz to Blues, Funk, and Rock & Roll, and at 46, he still loves playing as much as ever. Harvey has played venues large and small, including studio work. He has won awards for playing in bands, and for musicals. He enjoys singing with the band, especially now with all the harmonies available from the group. Harvey has sung with bands as well as Barber Shop quartets throughout my music career. He has been with "Imagine That Band" since 1995, as our drummer and vocalist.
Dan Phillips - Lead/Rhythm Guitar
Dan comes to us from a long career in playing lead and rhythm guitar in various settings, most recently from the well known and very popular band "Eleven" based out of Quincy, IL. He brings a wealth of skill and precision to the guitar team, using only best of breed equipment such as that used by famous guitar players such as Neal Schon of Journey, Tommy Shaw of Styx, Alex Lifeson of Rush, etc. His progressive style, work ethic, and attention to detail, have helped us raise the bar yet another notch in our ability to cover the best music and do it justice.
Mike Snearly - Lead/Rhythm Guitar
Mike is a self-taught local guitar talent who has been in a few great local bands such as "Thousand Yard Stare" and more recently, ".08". His great solid feel and rich guitar tone has added a whole new and very welcome dimension to our sound, as well as expanded our ability to cover an even wider variety of music that we just couldn't do as well without a second guitar in the mix. He's versatile, quick to pick up new things, works hard, and does it right every night. We couldn't be happier to have him on board.
Vic Serbe - Bass Guitar and Vocals
Vic is a self-taught player, starting out in garage bands playing Rock and Roll with friends. Later, he was introduced to Jazz and fusion, where he spent many formative years learning about music theory and playing in everything from ad hoc jazz combos to college big bands on both electric as well as upright (string) bass. In the 80's, he spent many years playing in cover bands in the Central Illinois circuit. In the early 90's, he took about a 10 year break to start a family, but when the kids got old enough, music called him back. He returned to the cover band circuit, playing in "Third Wish", "Postwar Fords", and "Late Arrival", to name a few. His primary musical focus is locking in with the drummer and creating a solid, powerful, and undeniable dance beat.